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Go with Gas for Water Heating:

With the never ending load shedding we are experiencing as South Africans and winter right on our doorsteps, the last thing we want is a cold bath or shower on one of the cold days awaiting us. 

How about using gas for water heating e.g. gas geysers etc.?

Gas geysers are fast becoming the popular choice when choosing the most effective water heating system for your home. Another great reason is that statistics prove that you can save up to 40% on your monthly Utility Bill and slowly but surely getting yourself of the grid

Benefits of a gas geyser include the following:

  • Water is instantly heated whereas an electrical geyser takes a period of time to effectively heat water which uses high amounts of electricity.
  • Suitable for a large Family (Never run out of hot water again)
  • You can control the level of heating
  • Very easy to repair gas geysers which means no more burst geyser and damages to ceilings and walls in the process
  • Only heats the water you use at the time
  • Less water is wasted

Please do not hesitate to contact us, we will gladly assist in saving you some money by installing a gas geyser or alternatively visit our website at www.marksplumbingandgas.co.za

Grey Water Systems & Water backup systems and pumps:

South Africa is seen as one of the water scares countries in the world, ranked as the 30th driest country.  Should a severe drought occur in the next 10 year, statistically Johannesburg is likely to run short of water by then.  How can we all make a difference in saving water as well as saving money on our Utilities Bill every month?

Have you ever given a grey water system any thought?

Well, grey water can be put to good use with proper treatment. Grey water is made up from washing Machine water, shower/Bath water, non-toilet drains and etc.

Uses for grey water:

  • Laundry water can be used for toilet flushing
  • Irrigation of plants. Treated greywater can be used to irrigate both food and non-food producing plants as long as it doesn’t come into contact with edible parts of the plant.
  • Watering Flower beds and Lawns

How about installing a backup water system? 

  • Harvesting of rain water
  • Once water-shedding kicks in again you already have a considerable amount of water saved and backed up.

Make every drop count by installing a backup water system to suit your needs, do not hesitate to contact us or alternatively visit our website at www.marksplumbingandgas.co.za for a no obligation fee quote.